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Marvin Shines with Two New Pearlescent Exterior Finishes

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 22:00

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Bright Silver and Copper Meet AAMA 2605-11 Certification

For durability, strength and beauty, Marvin Windows and Doors’ extruded aluminum cladding has long been known as the gold standard. Now Marvin is adding two new pearlescent color options to its clad color selection: Bright Silver and Copper.

The two new additions to the color portfolio satisfy a more modern aesthetic and can contribute to a stunning exterior look without compromising performance.

These pearlescent colors incorporate mica and offer similar aesthetics to anodized aluminum, meaning while they might have the appearance of metal, they offer enhanced performance attributes. Marvin uses aluminum cladding that meets the highest AAMA 2605 standard on all our clad products. An extruded aluminum substrate with an extremely tough surface coating results in significantly superior surfaces on all of Marvin products’ major clad components – frame, sash, casing and divided lites. This standard requires a 1.2 mil. finish coating, which Marvin applies over extruded aluminum (about as thick as a quarter), as opposed to roll-form aluminum, whose thickness is that of a soda can. Marvin’s AAMA 2605 certification offers a 20-year warranty against chalking.

“Marvin is committed to bring solutions to our customers that offer design flexibility and performance,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “The demand for more contemporary finishes inspired us to incorporate these latest finishes into our standard clad color palette. These two new pearlescent finishes allow us the opportunity to offer more modern options to our customers that will meet their specific design needs backed by the quality and performance they expect from Marvin.”

Complete warranty information is available at

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Marvin Expands Ultimate Glider to Four Panels

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 22:00

OXXO Ultimate Glider’s large size, sliding operation makes it a perfect fit for contemporary applications

Ever since it hit the market in 2011, Marvin’s Ultimate Glider has been known for its ability to give a contemporary look to even the tightest of spaces. Now Marvin has re-engineered the window for even more design flexibility with the new OXXO configuration for the Ultimate Glider.

“O” refers to non-operating panels and “X” refers to operating panels. Fixed sash on either side of the unit flank the two-center sash, which slide to each side for an unobstructed opening. The OXXO Ultimate Glider features:

  • A concealed multi-point lock, so it doesn’t distract from the window’s clean lines and beauty
  • An auto-lock system that allows the window to lock automatically when the window is closed, offering peace of mind
  • A handle set placed low on the window, making the OXXO Ultimate Glider ideal for universal design applications
  • The ability to remove the sashes for easy cleaning

“The Ultimate Glider works in any number of applications,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “It’s a perfect solution for not only contemporary design but for situations where the homeowner is looking for a pass-through application between the kitchen and an entertaining space outside.”

The OXXO Ultimate Glider is available in sizes of 14’ wide by 6’ tall. Like all Marvin products, it is proudly handcrafted in the America.

The OXXO Glider is available through Marvin Signature Services.

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Marvin Introduces the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 22:00

Industry-first advancements include revolutionary hardware, operation and design

Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung has long been one of the company’s most demanded windows. Beloved by builders, architects and homeowners alike, the Ultimate Double Hung has been a standout of the Marvin product line.

Now, Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to introduce the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, featuring never-before-seen hardware, operation, performance and design. It’s a traditional-looking window that’s anything but traditional, combining state-of-the-art technology with Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship.

The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is the first and only window that does not rely on a traditional lock and keeper. In its place is an innovative keeperless hardware system, which elegantly combines the traditional double hung look with intuitive operation, modern convenience and added peace of mind. All aspects of the window’s operation are controlled with a single piece of hardware. This revolutionary hardware system allows users of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung to effortlessly and intuitively perform a variety of functions:

  • Locking and unlocking: With a flick of the sweep, the bottom and top sashes can both be opened to let in air. The hardware is designed to give a positive “click” when the window has been locked, for extra peace of mind. When one sash is open, the other sash can be locked, a feature that no other double hung window on the market can offer.
  • Venting: When users want fresh air, but don’t want to open the window all the way, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung delivers with Vent Mode. After raising the bottom sash of the window, the user simply slides the sweep to the locked position. The sash can then be raised to four inches of clearance, where it will stop with a “click.” Vent Mode is a great solution for added security with ventilation.
  • Washing: The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung’s hardware allows the bottom and top sashes to tilt in for easy washing. To wash, simply press the button on top of the sweep and pull the sash inward to clean the exterior from inside.

The window’s multi-point locking system locks directly into the jamb to help prevent draftiness and improve structural performance. Result: a more air-tight window that provides greater energy efficiency and comfort.

The design of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is stunning in its attention to detail, fit and finish. The entire interior of the window is wood. Weatherstripping is minimized so that nothing mars the beauty of Marvin’s warm wood interior – and with three weatherstripping colors to choose from, there is a seamless blend.

The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung also features a narrower checkrail. At only 1 15/16”, the checkrail follows traditional window proportions, making it ideal for historic renovations as well as new construction.

But beauty and ease of operation are only the beginning. The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung performs to industry-leading standards, with a DP50 rating on the most popular sizes.

“The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is the result of listening to the customer and crafting a window that not only meets what the customer asked for, but delivers more,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “The double hung is an iconic product used in architecture for centuries. Our challenge was to deliver a product that
stays true to its heritage but brings enhanced functionality, performance and innovation for a better user experience.

“And like all of our products, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is handcrafted in America and backed by the quality, craftsmanship and reputation of our fourth generation family business,” Marvin said.

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Marvin Adds A Modern Look to the Ultimate Swinging French Door

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 22:00

Contemporary Door Panel’s narrower stiles and rails let the light shine in

Marvin Windows and Doors continues its commitment to modern design with the introduction of the new Contemporary Door Option for Ultimate Swinging French Doors. Available in late spring, 2014, this stunning door gives architects, builders and homeowners the choice of having Marvin’s industry-leading Ultimate Swinging French Door with a bold new look.

“Homeowners and trade professionals have loved Marvin’s Ultimate Swinging French Door for its fit and finish, performance and quality,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “We are introducing a new variation with a new Contemporary Door Panel selection that truly exemplifies Marvin’s expertise with design flexibility. For those who want a modern look, this new design option is an ideal solution and will allow even more daylight to enter the home.”

The Contemporary Door Panel Option features 4 ¾” stiles and rails. These narrower stiles and rails capture the contemporary aesthetic by allowing the glass to take center stage. With more glass exposed, the Contemporary Door Option lets light stream into a room. A square glazing bead option provides a sleek, modern look.

To complement the new look, Marvin is offering a new contemporary handle set. The hardware has a clean design highlighted by a square escutcheon and simple, elegant lever.

The Contemporary Door Option can be rounded out with another new offering: Pearlescent Finishes. The two newest clad colors offer all the shine and sizzle of a modern finish. Marvin has long-offered an extruded aluminum cladding exterior and coating that meets the highest AAMA 2605 standard on all clad products. Bright Silver and Copper offerings are the latest selections that meet the standard and are backed by a 20-year finish warranty.

Contact a Marvin dealer for more information.

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90-Degree Corner Unit Offers the Perfect Angle for Contemporary Design

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 22:00

A character-adding design element

Contemporary design demands a bold look. The latest 90-Degree Corner Window from Marvin® is eye-catching, daring and has all the quality that Marvin has honed over the course of a century. An ideal product selection for applications where a panoramic view is desired, the 90-Degree Corner Unit is a window designed to command attention.

The 90-Degree Corner Unit can be used as a single unit for a dramatic look. With only a 2 11/16” mulling, the window offers a look of mostly glass. Architects can easily spec the 90-Degree Corner Unit with other Direct Glaze windows to create a wall of matching, narrow sightlines or select it as a dramatic focal point in a home. The 90-Degree Corner Unit can be ordered as symmetrical or asymmetrical based on the width to height ratio to help achieve the design vision.

“This window is a stunning example of Marvin’s Built Around You® promise,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “The 90-Degree Corner Unit is an inspiring architectural element for new construction or for a remodel. It maximizes daylight and provides expansive views. If you want to have as much of a view outside as possible, this window style can help achieve that design objective.”

The 90-Degree Corner Unit offers a standard Low E II glass, with other ultra energy efficient glazing options available. Handcrafted in America, the window offers a blend of design, energy efficiency and performance.

The 90-Degree Corner Unit is available through Marvin Signature Services.

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Marvin Introduces Revolutionary Interior Shade System

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 22:00

Imagine an interior shade for your home with the versatility of opening from either the top or the bottom; the precision of virtually complete light control; and the beauty of sleek lines and fully concealed cords.

You don’t have to imagine it. Marvin Windows and Doors is setting a new industry standard with a fully integrated interior shade system that outdoes all competition for functionality, beauty and performance.

Available now through independent Marvin dealers, the new integrated system fits seamlessly into Marvin window and door units with no measuring required. The shade system is available on a range of Marvin windows as well as swinging and sliding doors, or can be retrofitted to existing Marvin windows and swinging doors.

“We’re proud to introduce this industry-leading shade system, which offers an array of features and benefits no other manufacturer or after-market solution can match,” said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors.  “We are excited to bring to market an innovative solution that will change the customer’s experience with windows and doors, and the shades that cover them.

“Marvin offers a turn-key solution that can be shipped with the unit or shipped later,” Christine Marvin said. “We give homeowners a perfect fit; the ability to open the shades before operating the window or door; and no interference with hardware. This is an offering that enhances the beauty of the windows and doors, unlike so many shade systems that actually detract from appearance.

“The whole Marvin team is proud of this true industry first,” she said. “And like all our products, our new interior shade system is handcrafted in America.”

On windows and swinging doors, the integrated shade operates from both the top down and the bottom up, allowing the user to position it anywhere – a feature not offered by other window and door manufacturers. On sliding doors, Marvin’s shades move with the door – an industry first. No longer does the user have to open the shades to operate the door.

Unlike between-the-glass offerings, Marvin’s solution is compatible with all glazing types, including gas-filled and surface-coated glazings. And Marvin interior shades can be used with simulated divided lites with spacer bars – offering greater design flexibility and superior performance.

Other features of this revolutionary new offering include:

  • Fully concealed mechanisms and hidden cord systems for superior aesthetics
  • Available in either blackout or light-filtering fabric for choice in privacy and light control
  • Offered in a palette of 15 colors to match virtually any décor
  • Shade surrounds can be ordered prefinished with choice of Marvin’s factory-applied interior finishes
  • Shade material is anti-static, liquid repellant, dust and soil resistant, and carries a 10-year warranty
  • Precise fit for the ultimate in light and privacy control — virtually no light bleed along the edges of the surround
  • Integrated design means shade doesn’t protrude into living area
  • On sliding doors, shade stack is completely hidden when retracted
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Marvin Adds More Passive-Certified Window Options

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 22:00

Marvin Windows and Doors has added additional certifications to its collection of passive building solutions, with the Clad Direct Glaze Polygon window now certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS). The company’s Clad Ultimate Casement is also certified by PHIUS.

Marvin is the largest American window manufacturer to offer passive building solutions. Handcrafted in America, Marvin’s passive solutions are created by Signature Services, a part of the company that provides one-on-one architectural consulting and unique solutions to meet project specifications for commercial and residential projects.

“Windows are a key consideration in passive building design,” said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. “Because our products are handcrafted in our Warroad, Minn., facility, Marvin can offer builders a shorter lead time than international manufacturers. And our extensive independent dealer network means we can support the project from the time it’s drawn up until after installation. Marvin is known for working one-on-one with its customers to deliver the perfect windows for each project along with high-tech building solutions, and we can really shine in the passive building arena.”

Marvin’s Clad Direct Glaze Polygon offers a 10-year warranty on parts and workmanship and 20 years on glass — among the best warranties in the passive market. With a century-long heritage as a family-owned and operated company, Marvin is committed to serving its customers and standing behind its products.

“With our long history of custom manufacturing and our skilled, experienced work force, we’re able to craft windows that will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency while allowing design freedom,” said Brenda Brunk, product planner for Marvin’s passive building solutions. “We’ve deliberately designed our passive building windows so that they look like any other Marvin window. This means you can have a highly efficient window as part of your whole-house passive project and it can be as large as you like with a full range of options for ultimate design flexibility.”

The Clad Direct Glaze Polygon comes in a virtually endless range of styles and sizes. With six wood species options and nine factory-applied interior stain and paint finishes, customers can create a window to fit any home. The Clad Direct Glaze Polygon offers 19 standard exterior colors on Marvin’s industry-leading extruded aluminum cladding. It features an AAMA 2605-certified finish as standard and also offers an extensive range of custom colors.

To complement its passive building solutions, Marvin also offers an automated exterior shading system that’s fully integrated, fully retractable and fully concealed. Unlike current exterior shading systems, Marvin’s new patent-pending shading solution uses no bulky add-ons that ruin the line of the windows from outside and block the view from inside. The smart technology allows homeowners to preset the precise shading position for optimal energy management, privacy, and mood.

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